About Us

How we started …

Who Are We?

UPG’s Group was established in year 2002. We were founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, and that attitude remains a vital part of our culture. Our team is driven by integrity with a singular focus on doing what is right for our clients.

For each of our clients we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence.

Our Philosophy

Grooming Professional Financial Planners – Helping young and vibrant financial planners to succeed in their career. and helping people by offering our services that satisfy their life time needs.

Our Professional Services

Our approach to financial planning is holistic in nature in that we look at all facets of a client’s life to develop a plan that will enable our clients to realize their investment and life goals. The relationships we develop with our clients are paramount to doing our job well. We are passionate in our desire to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive service available.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to provide the kind of professionalism and team environment that encourages a service culture. We are driver by integrity, with aim in helping our clients achieve their lifelong financial goals through management of resources and access to a wide range of suitable products.

Our Vision

To continuously prepare ourselves always to be in the forefront by upgrading our standards, knowledge and skills and to strive for excellence.

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