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Career Opportunity

Professional Employment Opportunities. Fancy working as an AIA Financial Planner? Our Financial Planners complete thorough, rigorous training. Many of our planners hold professional designations, such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) or Registered Financial Planner (Under Malaysian Financial Planning Council). Not only they are qualified but talented and team-oriented who embody our service standards and who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients.

Hi, Greetings from UPG’s Group.

Besides having a one stop financial service centre, UPG also provide a platform for business opportunities and career. We source, build and train Financial Planners, Estate Planners, Mortgage Consultants and etc. We have more than 50 business partners working and sharing opportunities, full time and part time business partners are welcome to join us. We meet frequently every week for business meeting to share ideas, strategies, and enthusiasm together. As our slogan said ONE TEAM ONE AIM, we work as a team, we play as a family and we support as a friend. People from all kind of background such as Lawyer, Engineer, Accountant, Businessman, Teacher, Lecturer, Pharmaceutical etc had join us, sharing one career and strive for one objective. Sincerely we invite and welcome you to join us. Experience the spirit of Achiever’s Group today.

We provide different role and position here yet each of them lead to the same objective which is success. There are some true examples from our group sharing their very real experiences. Some are professionals from different background, shaping their destiny with us.

The Most Expensive Things In The World Is a MISSED OPPORTUNITY, Do not Missed this Chance to join us

Past Experience :
Personal Assistant for 20 years
Managing Director for 4 years
Kindergarten Operator for 3 years
Current : AIA Senior Life Planner for 8 years

Life Lessons
I started as a life insurance agent in year 2006. Throughout my 8 years of career with AIA, I have many great achievements as well as hard times. It is important to be persistent in order to have a steadfast career in this industry. To keep going and to not give up; and continued effort to keep going when the going gets tough. I firmly believed that I will succeed because I enjoy what I am doing. Financial Planning is not just selling life insurance policies. It is about your passion to strive to be the best, in whatever you do. If you have a passion; believe in it, strive to be the best in it and you will emerge a successful Insurance Life Planner.

I set personal goals to help myself focus and be on track; I
developed self-discipline which is vital in doing what I know I should do, whether I feel like it or not. Most importantly, I have a great leader who is responsibility, dedicated, committed and focus. He has helped me grow and have consistently supported me along the way. In my agency, we have constant support and motivation from team members as well. There's always coaching session, meetings/sharing where we can constantly learn from one another. 


**12th Mini Convention Hokkaido, Japan 8-12th October 2008
Rising Star, Ho Chi Minh 2009
Summit Convention to London 2013
Senior Life Planners Convention Seoul 2014 (qualified in 4 months)
National Top Agent in Corporate Solutions 2008
Klang Corporate Solutions 1st Runner Up,  Top Agent Category 2011

What I love about this career
With AIA as a Life Planner, I have the privilege of providing a comfortable home for my family. You can dream BIG. I have travelled far and near and it is a true enjoyment that many are still not able to have.

What I do to update myself
To stay on course and adapt swiftly to the ever changing trend, keep studying and learning. At AIA, we get to attend seminars and update ourselves regularly. 

As financial planners, we are in the best position to help clients reach their goals. In addition to having exceptional credentials, experience and perspective, we know it's essential to listen to you and truly understand your goals in order to help you achieve the financial future you envision.

在保险与财务规划这行业里己经渡过了10个年头,从对保险的陌生,到如今的财务知识丰富,可以用自己所学与所知去帮助自己,帮助每一个人,让每一个家庭都可以得到保障,财务自由。当初进入AIA,是希望可以在这行业里赚更多钱,可以买大车,住大屋,银行的户口多几个零。相信我这些梦想也是许多年青人每天都在想要得到的,但是否每一个都有去行动,追求自己想要的梦想呢?“我发现很多的年青人,是晚上想想千条路,早上起来走原路”, 这是中国企业家阿里巴巴创始人-马云所讲的一句格里名言,深深的让我体会到当初的我,如果只是想想,没有去採取行动的话,梦想就不会有实践的一天,今日就不会有现在的我。
只要您有“梦想”,其它的由“UPG Wealth Advisory”来替您想!

Before joining KLG UNLTD 3G, I'm join the IT department in one listed company as IT engineer same with other new fresh graduate students. After half year working, I have met my leader - Mr.Chiew trough my wife and he has shared with me regarding this career. I have feel interesting and decided to join as team member of KLG UNLTD 3G. The main purpose I decided to join this career not only I can help a lot of people solve their financial planning problem but also I can change my life style better.

I have learn a lot of new knowledge and experience from this career. For example, I know the knowledge regarding mortgage loan, estate planning, risk management and so on and this is very important for personal financial planning for young generation like us. I'm enjoy this job and my networking also become biggest because I have meet a lot of people and some of them even I don't know before. To expand this career bigger and bigger, I wish I can build my financial planner team and company to provide a professional financial services to more and more people in future. Help people achieve free financial problem and gives good life style to my family is my dreams, I believe I will success achieve my dream in future in this career.#

Qualification: SPM Certification

My Background

I was graduated from secondary school in year 1991 and decided to find a job. But holding the SPM Certificate and without a very clear direction, I do not know what kind of job that I should go for. I was totally lost. After few months still don’t know what to do, one day my father introduced me to his friend company, work as a General Worker with a basic monthly salary RM 300.00 per month.

RM 300 a month is it consider good paid? I really don’t know. Without working experience, I got no choice and have to work hard to do a lot of overtime and earn more income. After 3 month I get promoted to the Productions Line Leader, from there, I start feel the desire to climbing the corporate ladder step by step and feel challenging.

After 5 years services in this company, I feel very happy, it because of I achieved what I want, in term of income, my job position in the company and also give me the opportunity to travel (own expense). The more important is my parent’s are proud of me. Because this is what every parent’s want their children to be. To be good student in the school, after graduated find a good job and work hard on it to earn good income. Do you agree with me?

This is my first job and it last for 9 years with a monthly pay of RM 2,700. Times goes by, I got that feeling of over work and under pay. I get married at the age of 26. I start have the sense of worrying, worry about my future. I told myself, I must make some changes now (do part-time job or find a new job), before it will be too late for me.

My Success Story

I contracted as a Part-Time AIA Agent since May, 2001. Thank you my leader MR. TAN THIAM LENG brought me to this fantastic business.

Now, 13 years with AIA BHD – KLG/UNLTD AGENCY & UNLIMITED POWER GROUP (UPG). There was tough and challenging, but I enjoy it, because it is my own business and this business gives me REAL REWARDS. You just need to work hard and work smart, then you will be rewarded.

With the helps from UPG Group, I manage to handle some of the difficulty that I facing in the fields. UPG provided us the Training, Motivation, Encouragement and the important thing is we work as a TEAM. Together We Achieved More.

In UPG Group, we WORK, we PLAY, we, LEARN & we TRAVEL TOGETHER. Now most of our members are graduated as Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). With UPG helps & my hard work, I received the following Awards and Oversea Trip for past 13 years: -

1. Beat Your Best in years 2003, 2004
2. Million Dollar Club in years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010
3. 2005 AIG Challenge
4. 2006 Centurion Club
5. 2006 Klang Region 2nd Runner-up Agent
6. Producers Club - Gold Ordinary Membership in years 2007, 2008
7. Premier Agent in years 2011, 2012, 2013
8. Financial Planners. Programme - Platinum Qualifier in year 2012

Convention Trip :
1) Cairns, Australia
2) Bali, Indonesia
3) Cheng Do, China
4) Shanghai, China

My Motivation

What made me work so hard to achieving my goals? “Conventions & Travel Exposure is strong motivations for me to strive to reach the GOALS. During the convention, I have the opportunity to meet with others top achievers and share their experiences and success stories.

My Personal Goals

I want to complete the 7 module of RFP courses with examination and to be a very successful Leader and Entrepreneur in this Financial Industry. I want to become a Multi-Millionaire in my lifetime.

Lastly, I would like to thank my respective Leader Mr. Henrick Tan & all UPG members for their guidance and support.


Within just my first year in the industry, UPG Group has certainly brought me places.

Conventions and Great Remuneration package is one thing.

Entrepreneurship and Positive Vibes being instilled in us to spearhead success is the best thing that has happen to me.

UPG Group has thought me not only to be a great professional financial advisor but it has developed me into a well balanced businessman with money can’t buy knowledge.

Together with UPG you can certainly elevate yourself to the next level.

A profession with a difference, that takes you the distance.

Hello and Good day to you ! Before I start my testimony , I would just like to share this quote with all of you out there , ‘Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this & adopt this definition, success is yours.”Thank you.

I started my career as a part timer with  AIA at the age of nineteen during my Upper Six. The main reason being, I was seeking a part time income, as I don’t want to be dependent on my parents . Being the eldest in my family, I wanted to set an example to my siblings , as they would learn to be independent at an early age. It begin when I meet my manager and mentor  Mr Chiew Chee Sian .  He convinced me that this would be a rewarding career and I would be able to run my own business. He proved to me that success will always come to those who worked work for it. After becoming an agent with AIA , I started learning Financial Planning, as my manager always told me we are not product sellers, we are Financial Planners. I started sharing what I have learned to others, and saw my business grow . Even during my university days , I was able to do my business and  the income from being a financial Planner with AIA really helped me get through University as I was getting my commission every month. It was when a grauduated with my finance degree, I really wanted to go all out in this career. It’s been 18 months now, and I have sailed through the difficult times to rip the reward. Choosing to become a full time agent , was a stepping stone for me as I see myself advancing to the top and getting closer towards achieving my goals in Life. Thanks to the guidance from God , my  manager, Family and the  UPG group, I am here and running my own success business . For all those aspiring entrepreneurs  out there who seeks challenges and dream big. UPG is the perfect platform where u can put your skills and knowledge in action. We live life once, so lets live it to the fullest.  Thank you