Employee Benefits Consultant


Provide companies employee benefits to big and small corporate and group. Employees’ benefits include health and accident insurance, retirement funding as well as key men policy.

Testimony - Donna Wong


Name: Wong Siew Chin, Donna
Background: Secretary for 15 years, Operator of a franchised kindergarten for 3 years before joining AIA in June 2006 as a part-time agent. Turned full-time on 1st June 2008.

Producer Club and Achievements :
  • MDC in year 2006
  • 1st Runner Rookie Agent 2006
  • MDC in year 2007
  • 5th Runner Up Agent 2007
  • Completed RFC (Registered Financial Consultant)
  • MDC in year 2008
Qualified Conventions :
  • Macau
  • Rising Star - Vietnam 3-6 August 2007
  • 12th Mini Convention Hokkaido, Japan 8-12th October 2008

I have always been a very independent person from young. Coming from a poor family of eight, professional education was merely just a dream. I had to take up part-time jobs to help pay my fees. Joining AIA was no coincidence, as my brother-in-law who is a District Manager has been with AIA for 12 years. It was the timing, an opportunity. My first seven month’s income (June-Dec 2006) was a whooping RM25,800.00. Juggling between a job as a principal/teacher and a financial planner and still able to provide a comfortable home for my family, well was really a good income. AIA gave me courage just as I was stumbling. Professional education was no longer a dream. AIA gave no second best. Trainings, seminars, workshops, renowned speakers from all over the country are always their priority.

I started with Worksite Marketing and in my first year and I managed to secure a total sum assured of 11 million (Personal Accident Plan-MCGP). Gradually, I expanded my scope of interest to Group Management Division where I now have thirteen corporate clients who are giving me approximately RM200,000 in premium up to August 2008. GMD has created a great impact on learning and growth in my business and I enjoy the challenges.

Set goals for growth
Dare to dream : Have the desire to do something bigger than yourself.
Prepare the dream : Do your homework; be ready when the opportunity comes
Wear the dream : Do it
Share the dream : Make others part of the dream, and it will become even greater than you had hoped.

Have the desire to do something bigger than yourself