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Testimony - Jason Teh


SPM Certificate

My Background

I was graduated from secondary school in year 1991 and decided to find a job. But holding the SPM Certificate and without a very clear direction, I do not know what kind of job that I should go for. I was totally lost. After few months still don’t know what to do, one day my father introduced me to his friend company, work as a General Worker with a basic monthly salary RM 300.00 per month.

RM 300 a month is it consider good paid? I really don’t know. Without working experience, I got no choice and have to work hard to do a lot of overtime and earn more income. After 3 month I get promoted to the Productions Line Leader, from there, I start feel the desire to climbing the corporate ladder step by step.

After 5 years services in this company, I feel very happy, it because of I achieved what I want, in term of income, my job position in the company and also give me the opportunity to travel (own expense). The more important is my parent’s are proud of me. Because this is what every parent’s want their children to be. To be good student in the school, after graduated find a good job and work hard on it to earn good income. Do you agree with me?

This is my first job and it last for 9 years with a monthly pay of RM 2,700. Times goes by, I got that feeling of over work and under pay. I get married at the age of 26. I start have the sense of worrying, worry about my future. I told myself, I must make some changes now (do part-time job or find a new job), before it will be too late for me.

My Success Story

I contracted as a Part-Time AIA Agent since May, 2001. Thank you my leader MR. TAN THIAM LENG brought me to this fantastic business.

Now, 7 years with AIA BHD – KLG/UNLTD AGENCY & ACHIEVER’S GROUP (AG). There was tough and challenging, but I enjoy it, because it is my own business and this business gives me REAL REWARDS. You just need to work hard and work smart, then you will be rewarded.

With the helps from Achiever’s Group, I manage to handle some of the difficulty that I facing in the fields. AG provided us the Training, Motivation, Encouragement and the important thing is we work as a TEAM. ONE TEAM ONE AIM is AG Theme.

In Achiever’s Group, we WORK, we PLAY, we, LEARN & we TRAVEL TOGETHER. Now most of our members are graduated as Registered Financial Consultant. With AG helps & my hard work, I received the following awards for past 7 years: -

1. Million Dollar Club in years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
2. 2006 Centurion Club
3. 2006 Klang Region 2nd Runner-up Agent

My Motivation

What made me work so hard to achieving my goals? “Conventions & Travel Exposure is strong motivations for me to strive to reach the GOALS. During the convention, I have the opportunity to meet with others top achievers and share their experiences and success stories.

My Personal Goals

I want to complete the 7 module of RFP courses with examination and to be a very successful Leader and Entrepreneur in this Financial Industry. I hope to become a Multi-Millionaire in my lifetime.

Lastly, I would like to thank my respective Leader Mr. Tan Thiam Leng and his wife Ms. Racheal Wong for their guidance and support, and of course, my AIA friends who have been so helpful to me and my supporting group “Achiever’s Group”.

If you think you can, You can