You have already proven that you have what it takes to succeed in life. With hard work and sheer dedication, you now have the resources to buy a property and build your very own home. At UPG, we recognize your efforts and offer the chance to secure your property to our low, long-term fixed rate home loan. Help make your future financial commitments safer and secure by signing up for our BLR/ BR+LR free loan.

We also provide refinancing or switching of home loan from other financial institutions, our main objective is to assist our clients to manage their debt, reduce the interest cost and ultimately help our clients to own their property in the shortest time possible.


Mortgage consultants offer various loan packages from banks and financial institutions. Our consultants has all the necessary information of the available loan packages in the market and therefore is able to provide you with the various options detailing the loan packages available. They are able to give impartial and unbiased advice on the pros and cons of each loan package.

Case study for mortgage (Example)

Loan Amount = RM 300,000
Tenure = 35 years
Monthly Installment = RM 1239.87
Current Interest Rate = 3.5%
Total Payment = RM 520,745.40
Total Interest = RM 220,745.40

Refinance Interest Rate = 4.40%

Refinancing with Mortgage Consultants

Our mortgage consultants will wade through all the loans available in the market to help you get the most suitable loan. Through the available facts we will help you make that informed decision (1) or (2).

Option 1.
Plan to save your loan interest
35 years with RM1,239.87/month installment
Total saves RM 35,834.40

Option 2.
Shorter time
Shorter loan period: 238 months/19.83 years